Let’s Get Your Project Unstuck

Sound Familiar?

Maybe you’ve seen this scenario before: a small band of tech-savvy neighbors has come together to fight your project. You begin to see misinformation or outright falsehoods in the local paper, on Facebook, and NextDoor. Some of the time-tested scare tactics mention that your project will permanently take away open space, create traffic nightmares, lead to spikes in crime, and result in plummeting home values and quality of life. And even though the misinformation is rarely truthful or factual, there’s a reason why opponents use these same lines over and over: they’ve always worked.

And that’s where we come in. We build pathways for companies and nonprofits throughout the public and quasi-judicial processes for approval on their mixed-use and affordable housing developments. We manage your project’s reputation before opponents can do it for you, ensuring your project can be considered on its own merits — and not on misinformation or scare tactics.

Introducing Greenlight

Greenlight Strategy is a boutique public affairs firm that specializes in helping purpose-driven land use projects move forward. Greenlight Strategy works exclusively on land use projects, with a dedicated preference for helping affordable housing and mixed-use developments that commit to the the highest sustainability standards. We work with clients who want to set a new model for development and redevelopment across our communities, and recognize the linkages between housing, climate change resiliency, social equity, and mobility.

Greenlight Strategy belongs to Chambers of Commerce in Boulder, Louisville, and Westminster, and is an Investor at the JeffCo EDC. 

The Housing Crisis Affects Everyone

Essential workers like nurses and grocery clerks forced to live farther away
Your favorite restaurants and shops have trouble retaining employees
Ethnic communities are pushed further away or broken up
Our schools are losing families who can’t grow into a new home at their budget
Our traffic gets worse as more people are forced to drive farther to their jobs
CO2 emissions increase
Seniors can’t age in place or live closer to their families
First-time homebuyers are shut out of building their financial futures

Bill Rigler, Principal

As the principal at Greenlight Strategy, Bill draws on more than 25 years of expertise in public and media relations, political and advocacy campaigns at every level,  project management across the globe, and a special affinity for helping our communities and small businesses thrive.

Prior to founding Greenlight Strategy, Bill’s diverse career included senior management and communications roles at the United Nations, the Rockefeller Foundation, Ball Aerospace, and former Vice President Al Gore’s global climate change initiative. Bill and his wife Peri are active in the community and social causes across the Front Range. 


How We Help

Customized stakeholder engagement strategies for public hearings

Identifying and brokering strategic third-party alliances

Strategic engagement with local leaders and community influencers

Steering nonprofit sponsorships and community-building

Strategic media relations and crisis communications


Real-time social media monitoring and awareness

Reputation management
and rapid response

Recruit community leaders and members for support

Ready to move forward?

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Greenlight Strategy isn’t just a public affairs firm. We specialize in coming in at the bottom of the 8th inning, bringing a fresh arm and a demonstrated track record of successful outcomes. We don’t advertise our clients or their successes, and operate on a referral basis. If your project is stuck, please reach out and let’s see if we can move it forward!